Monday, October 31, 2011

A Connection ~ Half Way Around the Globe

In my first post, I mention an 'Aussie Stranger' who prompted and inspired me to give this approach a chance.  I am happy to say, a stranger no more.  I went back to the original YouTube video to watch again and make sure I purchased the same books as she had shown.  I saw this link, that I had not noticed before, that said 'to email the author', or something to that extent.  So.... I did.  Not knowing if it would actually work, I emailed her to thank her and tell her that her message had indeed reached 1 person, ME. 

Tonight I received a reply to my message and am thrilled.  Missy has offered me her support and help through my adventure and am so relieved to have her guidance.   As she said, this is not always easy, in fact at times difficult, and I know that her support will be just the ticket.  In her video, she mentions that she is not a big fan of veggies and neither am I.  In fact, there is a family joke about if a food is green, Kelley won't eat it.  Just hoping I can find a combination that I like or even tolerate so that I will not stray off the path. 

Can't wait to receive the books I ordered and begin the educational process.  As a former teacher, I love to learn, but this read could be one of the most important of my life.  The most importance in the manner of impacting my life and health. 

In future posts, I will provide a better picture of what I hope to accomplish, the issues and illness I have and the impact they have had on my life.  The impact and changes that have occurred since developing these illness, both personally and professionally. 

This is going to be a long journey....with veggies in tow!  Now I have this image of boarding a plane with veggies as my carry on luggage!

Packing for the Journey ~ To Do List

We all know how important it is to pack the essentials for any type of road trip or journey.   How many bathing suits, the multiple levels of sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, make up and of course shoes to match every outfit.  I have plead guilty of the charge of chronic overpacker and planner.  My items are in totes, bags and spill proof containers, all with their individual labels.  So let's pack and plan step by step to success.

Started Blog ~ done
Find and purchase Education Materials ~ done
Acid Alkaline Book ~ done
Cookbook ~ done
pH testing strips ~ done (last time I saw these were in chemistry class, many, many moons ago)
Find and purchase a Juicer ~ NOT DONE

Who knew there were so many....not me.  Reading comparisons, consumer reports and checking out the cost.  What a wide range of pricing! 

The purchase will be for another is filled with pre-surgery preparation.  I can't stand not having the house clean, the laundry done and things in order before I go in.  Just makes the post-op time much more relaxing!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What is Interstitial Cystitis ?

I think it is important to provide information on Interstitial Cystitis since this journey is centered upon documenting attempts to heal.  As with other diseases, this one is difficult to treat, there is no cure, no concrete idea of how it begins and affects both men & women. 

For more information, please visit any of the following links:

Interstitial Cystitis Association

PubMed Health

National Kidney & Urologic DiseasesInformation Clearinghouse (NKUDIC)

One difficult aspect of having this disease is that no one can tell, just by looking at you, that you have IC.  You may look just fine on the outside, putting on that public face we wear, that shows how you really wish you felt.  At first glance, the photos appear to be some kind of strange put into context, this is the internal surface of the bladder lining.  Here is what is the true picture of IC: 

The Beginning of a Journey

Each journey begins with it's first steps.... I feel like my journey is long overdue.  Each of us is prompted to a beginning for many reasons.  Whether it be a life changing event, a crisis, advice from a loved one, and each have it's own merits.  Mine has been prompted, finally, by the viewing of a YouTube video.  Yes, a YouTube video, of a complete stranger.  Yet, this stranger and I have something in common, Interstitial Cystitis.  We are not alone in the fight and struggle of this disease nor are we alone in the attempts to find relief and a redefining of our lives with Interstitial Cystitis (I.C.). 

After watching this video of a the 'Aussie Stranger', I have had a wide range of emotional responses from hope to guilt and back to a bit of hope.  This 'Aussie Stranger' has taken this journey that I am about to begin and one that is long overdue.  I have no idea if mine will have the same success as hers, but I will never know until I try.  I am starting this blog as a way of documenting the process, it's ups and downs and as a way of hopefully being accountable to give it the best chance of success.  Perhaps even 1 person may read it and be prompted to begin a journey of their own. 

This is just step 1 ......... with many to go.  I will share more background information and purpose in future posts.  This will be a 1 year trial to heal, whether it be success or failure.  Wish me luck  and pray that I continue to put 1 foot in front of the other as I travel this long and uncertain journey !